My.TreeHouse Design Application

Responsibilities: All strategy, all UX, all UI, all user testing

MHDesign intro.png


TreeHouse's customers have visions for their homes, and it's the businesses responsibility to meet them at that vision and guide them through the unknowns of a home project. This application came from a struggle that customers often have - a vision in their head, but can't communicate it. MyTreeHouse Design is a way to pull those ideas out, while inspiring them with what's possible.

Think of it as a dream space for your home.


We've analyzed dozens of home styles (interior and exterior), and built a recommendation engine that auto suggests products, colors and materials based on a few survey questions answered. Once we match a customer with a specific style, we also recommend similar styles for them to start exploring. Through the exploration process (dreaming phase), customers can add photos, furniture, and colors to their mood board. Once they've settled on a board, they meet with a TreeHouse design consultant, who uses the board as a starting place for the remodel project.


We are still in active strategy, design and development on this project, with an estimated launch of late 2018.