Round Table Pizza

New marketing website and shopping experience.


Responsibilities: Creative direction, all UX, all UI

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Round Table recognized they needed to make a change in their digital experience to keep up with competitors like Papa Johns, Dominos, and Pizza HutWhile these other business has created compelling online shopping and ordering experiences, Round Table was still sticking to a traditional print style menu method (preselected items with no customizations). When we started working with Round Table, we quickly realized that Round Table's key differentiator was the quality and freshness of their ingredients.


After mapping out the shopping and ordering workflows, I started working on creating the visual aesthetic.  One of my proposals was to highlight these premium ingredients through lifestyle (and somewhat messy) photography. The goal here is to show that real people make and prepare the ingredients daily, and that nothing is ever frozen. By showcasing the building of the pizza, we're reinforcing the idea that freshness is what makes Round Table so great.


This project is still in active development. Hoping it'll launch soon!