Alright! Here we go with round two :) First you'll see that we're trying to narrow down an exact logo, so I've done a few different options in black and white. You'll also see some color options I'm looking at for your brand :)

With the logo, I've changed things up a bit based on our last conversations. Rather than going really horizontal with the type, we're stacking it to create for of a square-ish shape. I've done two different ideas, the first being all hand drawn, that adds texture and a more personal touch. And secondly a contemporary (clean) version - but the same overall idea. I think the icon is SUPER strong in both, and the typography is almost a secondary element. I love how each letter can almost be turned into an adventure style icon!

In the color options, you'll see that the icons can be separated out as well as additional icons can be added and used for different things. I'm thinking about having icons for all types of adventuring and you can use one, or multiple to relate to a specific adventure. The colors themselves I'm think is, based on natural colors (i.e. oranges, yellows), but with a little pop to them stand out agains natural toned images. These colors would be used as accents rather than the main color for your website, letterhead, business cards, etc.

Let me know what you think!

p.s. I've been having internet issues all morning so please disregard the last few duplicates.