Here are several different ideas for you to check out :) There are a few concepts we're trying to push with these designs.  First is the obvious, where the "S" in the icon is a shoe - it just seems to fit perfectly :) Also, you'll see a mix between clean and slightly rougher ideas. For example, the first design goes after a camp vibe, and is slightly more abstract. 

For this first round, we're sticking with just black and white as we want to focus on the core of the logo and decide what stands out the best without a color determining what you like or don't like. As you can see almost all designs can be simplified down to a single color without losing it's bold appearance. This is also the first step, so, if you like the direction of one, we can push it further (i.e. adding texture, simplifying, etc.), or tone things down. 

Hope you enjoy, and any feedback is welcome in the comment box below the designs :)