Here are some new designs to take a look at. This phase has been a little more difficult as I felt we were moving away from the core message we were sending with the original "box with fin" design. As we took away the fin and the f, the logo wasn't saying anything about the name, and there was a little bit of disconnect. With that, I made the changes you requested and tried to make it read GrayFin as one word as much as I could. you'll see these designs in the second set. The first set is simplifying that design but with a focus on bringing Gray & Fin together as one word. I think this first set works, as we are focusing on type treatment more than the literal Gray Fin. For the third set, you'll see I just started a couple different directions to see if there is a better option out there. 

Take a look and let me know what speaks to you. Designs are numbered 1-9 with versions A-C of each.